Professional & Retiree Edition



  1. Register EARLY to lock in Early Bird Pricing
  2. Locking in a price can only be done by registering at that price.
    1. Early Bird Rate ends on October 1st
  3. A Purchase Order does NOT register you for the conference.
  4. Registration can ONLY be done through the NYS AHPERD website.
    1. You must be LOGGED IN, with a CURRENT NYS AHPERD membership, to see/receive the MEMBER Discounted Prices.
  5. Select the PAY LATER option if your registration will be paid using a Purchase Order. Or if you are sending a personal check.
    1. You will NOT NEED the PO number to complete the transaction
  6. Submit Registration/Pay Later Confirmation to Your business office for PO generation.

Members can follow the steps below to print out their detailed conference registrations

    1. Login to your Membership profile
    2. My Account / Account Management
    4. Click DETAILS (coordinating with the particular event)
    5. Click print on the TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER

Registration (if Completed by your School):

  1. Make sure to follow-up with your business office to make sure your registration has been completed!
  2. A purchase order does NOT register you for the conference. This must be done through the NYS AHPERD website, annual conference registration.
  3. They will need to login to YOUR membership profile to register for the member discounted prices.
  4. Provide your login name & password to the official registering you.
  5. If you are registering at the Non-Member Rate, you will not have to login
  6. Your membership must be current to see the Discounted Prices
  7. Double check with your business office  to make sure they have sent the Purchase Order to NYS AHPERD for your registration

                (you will receive PO- email reminders if you haven’t sent in “Payment” – PO etc.)

Membership/Discounted Pricing:

  1. Your NYS AHPERD membership must be CURRENT at the TIME of the conference to receive the Member Discounted Prices.

*PLEASE NOTE: You will be able to register for the conference, at the discounted price, if your membership is current at the time of registration.

  1. Current Membership at the TIME of conference equals an Expiration Date of November 30th (Current year) or GREATER

If your membership EXPIRES prior to the conference be prepared to renew your membership either:

  1. On the NYS AHPERD website. (This can be done prior to the conference)
  2. Onsite at the Turning Stone Convention Center

If your membership is EXPIRED at the time of the conference and you received the member discounted price (expiration prior to NOVEMBER 30th):

You will be billed for the balance of the non-member rate of $450.00/ $475.00


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